June 25, 2017

Thank God for:

  • Missionaries: Margie & Kyle Lotier in Madagascar (MedAir), Nancy Frey & R. Bruce Yoder in Burkina Faso (MMN), Aram and Debbi DiGennaro in Kenya (EMM), and the work of Gospel Growers Ministry in Haiti (Sam Rice).

Please pray for:

  • Janice Godshall, Robin Landis, Eli, Jeremiah, and Layla Martin, Hannah Schmidt, Betty Zendt, Glenn B. Moyer, Andy Picon, Bekki Dibble, Honey Kulp, Millie Linsinbigler, Arlene Alderfer, Loretta Landis, Alice Dennison, Polly Moore, Jim & Dot Greene, Peg Lauderback, and Margaret Delp
  • Sonya, Roger, Vince and Alex Kurtz, as they prepare for their move to Pennsylvania.
  • Where God can use your time and talents in the ministries of the church and community.
  • Our brothers and sisters around the world who live in fear of being injured through the destructive behavior of others.
  • Friends and family members serving in the military.
  • Those in our congregation and community who are searching for employment opportunities.

Prayer for the Week:

God our Father, may we long not for the smoothness of sand which looks good, and feels flat, and is easy to walk on but will not withstand a storm. May we build our hopes on you. Though you may not prevent the storms, you keep us firm within them. So even if we’re battered, we cannot fall except deeper into a crevice in the rock; deeper into you. Amen