The committee’s mission statement is:

We believe that all Christians are called to preserve and care for the health and beauty of the earth as it was created by God for the well-being and enjoyment of all mankind.

Our work to that end here at Zion involves education of the congregation, being involved with the local community and working with church leaders to implement and assist with projects and procedures that will make our facilities and programs more environmentally friendly and pleasing to God.

Projects that we are currently working on are:

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s shoe and bike collection.  We collected 328 pairs of usable shoes and 100 pairs of unusable sneakers for a total of 428 pairs!
That tops last years total by 118 pairs!  We also collected 28 bicycles and have decided to have the bike collection be an ongoing project.  So if you still have a bike you would like to donate or find that you have one later in the year please contact Suzanne Gunden.
More information on how the bikes will be used can be found here:


Boy Scout garden; We are allowing clients of Keystone Opportunity Center to have individual plots to grow their own vegetables.

Return a portion of the woods to a more natural state allowing birds and more wildlife a place of food and refuge. This will also allow the ground to better absorb water rather than run off.

Plant wild flowers for butterflies and bees.

Assisting the Property committee in retrofitting lighting to LED bulbs in order to lower energy bills.

On-Going Items:

Committee members provide monthly articles to Joyful Noiz.

Our committee usually meets the first Sunday of each month at 11:30 a.m. in room 136.  All are welcome!!

Please check the bulletin board for environmental news plus updates for hazardous waste collection dates and locations. Also we have provided a portion of the board for those who wish to offer free items for reuse.

The following is a list of websites you may access:

Recycling information:

Items that may be recycled and where to take them locally:

Dates and times of LOCAL hazardous collections:

Montgomery County: 

Bucks County:

Saint Paul’s Recycling program:

Several web sites that you may wish to check out for general information:

Green Faith – 

Eco-Justice –

Information about what other Mennonite Churches across the United States and Canada are doing: